Review: Blood Brothers Abbatoir


Blood Brothers is doing something really special. And beer enthusiasts and novices alike are starting to take notice.

Located in Toronto, ON, Blood Brothers is a relatively small, yet intimate draft room and bottle shop catering to the city’s ever-expanding local beer community. For some, like me, Blood Brothers is a place to pick up a quick six-pack on the way to a party while for others it’s a space they can go to discuss the complexities and intricacies of their favorite beer. Blood Brothers is located north of Toronto’s downtown core in an area characterized largely by its mix of industrial and residential neighbors. Blood Brothers walks the line between being part of the older, more gritty community that once was and the emerging community that is inevitably beginning to move in–I can’t picture Blood Brothers anywhere else as the brewery encapsulates the contrasting neighborhood identities near perfectly. Blood Brothers is a product of their environment and a no-strings attached, unpretentious brewery.

Blood Brothers is a Toronto based brewery started by brothers Dustin and Brayden Jones in 2015 and has been one of my favourite breweries over the last few years. Their Paradise Lost series, a series of sour beers really stands out for its bold taste, however I decided to give the Abbatoir a try.

Abbatoir starts off fairly crisp, comparable to the first bite of a fresh apple, and a strong carbonated sensation that coats the tongue nicely. As the beer lingers in your mouth, jovial notes of sweetness take over. There is a sense of complexity in Abbatoir but it can easily be masked as a sessionable beer. Abbatoir is two-faced in more than one way. Blood Brothers and Abbatoir encapsulate this contrasting ideology; Abbatoir is for those searching for an easy sessionable beer and for the enthusiasts yet still has complexity after being unraveled.